Patents protect new inventions. Patentable inventions may be new products or new processes such as devices, structures, manufacturing methods, test methods, materials, compounds, mixtures, pharmaceuticals and computer software (as long as special criteria are met). Innovative features that determine patentability may include how things work, what they do, how they do it, what they are made of or how they are made.

A granted patent gives its owner a monopoly, limited in scope and duration, over use of the invention in a territory. A patent therefore allows you to control the market for your product or process by stopping, or licensing, infringing competition.

International patent protection can be expensive, but there are cost effective ways of protecting inventions outside the UK including international (PCT) patent applications or European patent applications before the European Patent Office (EPO).

Our charges for drafting and filing a new UK patent application start at about £2,000 (excluding VAT and UKIPO Official fees).



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