Confidentiality & Know-How

Keeping trade secrets and know-how confidential is critical to your business. Often technical know-how cannot be protected by patents either because it is not patentable or because publication of the information in a patent application would be catastrophic.

We provide candid, commercial and constructive advice on issues to do with confidentiality especially of technical information and know-how.

We have expertise in Confidential Disclosure Agreements (CDAs) (also known as Non-Disclosure Agreements, NDAs). We can provide you with a CDA specific to your circumstances (one-way, two-way or multi-party) or we can review and advise on CDAs you have been asked to enter into by other parties.

Our charges for a drafting a simple one or two way NDA start at about £240 (excluding VAT) including advice on how best to administer the NDA once signed.

To find out how we can help protect your confidential information, contact us.



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