A registered design protects the appearance of a product. If a registered design is prepared properly it can be very effective in preventing your competitors from copying your design.

Registered designs can be registered in most countries of the world. A cost effective route in Europe is the Community Registered Design in which one application covers the whole of the territory of the European Union.

There are IP rights other that registered designs that protect the design of a product including UK or Community Unregistered Design Right. Unfortunately unregistered design rights are generally more difficult (and expensive) to enforce than registered designs.

We can identify designs that may be registered and handle new registered design applications from preparation to filing and registration in the UK, the European Union Community Registered Designs Office (OHIM) and throughout the World either directly or through our network of trusted associates. If you have a design that you want protected, talk to us.

Alternatively, if your competitors have registered designs that are barriers to your business, talk to us. There are a number of options including our preparing a application for a declaration of invalidity at OHIM (the EU designs office).



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